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Easy Budgeting Tool

How much do you have to save?

Monthly Income and Expenses Your Information

Monthly Income

Monthly Salary (after deductions for taxes, company pensions, CPP, OAS, EI) $
Other Monthly Income (e.g. Investment Income) $

Monthly Expenses - Fixed

Housing Costs (e.g. mortgages, rent, condo/maintenance fees, property taxes, lawn care and supplies, snow removal, renovations, cleaning and supplies, etc) $
Utilities (gas, water, electric, heat, sewer etc) $
Home Services (home and mobile phone, cable/internet , satellite radio, home security, etc) $
Insurance (auto, home, life, disability, medical/health) $
Child Care (daycare, nanny, child support, etc) $
Loans, Lines of Credit and Credit Cards (monthly payments on existing credit) $
Long Term Savings (Pension, RSP, TFSA, RESP, etc) $
Other Fixed Expenses (Payroll deductions -if not already included elsewhere - insurance, pension, RSP, charitable donations. Alimony, etc) $

Monthly Expenses - Variable & Discretionary

Groceries $
Entertainment (dining out, movies, concerts, shows, etc) $
Transportation (car lease/loan payment, gas, transit, service & repairs, parking, license & registration, etc) $
Personal care (clothing, gifts, salon, memberships, sport & leisure activities, etc) $
Other Variable Expenses (Uninsured Medical, Pet expenses including veterinarian, Tuition/fees/books, dry cleaning, subscriptions, etc) $
Other Discretionary Expenses (donations, vacation, etc) $

Monthly Totals

Total Income $
Total Expense $
Total Surplus $

Now that you know how much you have available to save, use our Savings Calculator Savings Calculator (opens new window) to help you get started.

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