Legal Disclaimer

1) The $6 fee applies only if monthly transaction charges are less than $6.

2) Additional fees and charges apply for services and transactions exceeding included transactions. Certain limitations apply.

3) For information on what the current interest rates are, how interest is calculated and what may affect this calculation, please visit your branch or call 1-800-769-2520.

4) If your transactions exceed the stated limit of the plan, fees are charged for each additional transaction. Regular (paper-based) transactions will be applied first to the package limit.

5) Fee waiver applied only to minimum monthly fee when daily minimum balance is maintained for the entire month.

6) Not all of the same functionality or features may be accessible or avaliable at all times for all services or electronic channels. Additional fees and charges may apply.

7) Coverage underwritten by RBC General Insurance Company in the Province of Quebec and RBC Insurance Company of Canada in the rest of Canada.

8) If the first Visa Business Platinum Avion card on the account is a business owner's card and such business owner also has a personal Visa Infinite Avion or Visa Platinum Avion card, then the Annual Fee for the first Visa Business Platinum Avion card is reduced from $120 to $50, each year, as along as the business owner remains a personal Visa Infinite Avion or Visa Platinum Avion cardholder.

9) For terms, conditions and restrictions that apply to the RBC Rewards program, visit (opens new window) or call 1-800-769-2512.

10) RBC Rewards points are earned on net purchases only; they are not earned on cash advances (including RBC Royal Bank credit card cheques, balance transfers, cash-like transactions and certain bill payments), interest charges or fees, and credits for returns and adjustments will reduce or cancel the points earned by the amounts originally charged.

11) Subject to availability. Some other conditions and limits apply. For details, visit (opens new window), or see the Redemption Brochure in your Welcome Kit. Please read it carefully.

12) Subject to credit approval. Annual interest rate will be determined based on information you provide on the application and any credit bureau information. The annual interest rate is based on the Prime Rate plus an additional premium that ranges between 0.9% and 6.9%. Your premium will be calculated on an annual basis and could only change once a year. Prime Rate means the annual rate of Interest Royal Bank of Canada announces from time to time as a reference rate for determining interest rates on Canadian dollar commercial loans in Canada. The Prime Rate may fluctuate from time to time. It can be found in all of our branches or online at (opens new window). Also, major newspapers in your area will state the Canadian dollar prime rate of banks.